среда, 8 апреля 2009 г.


Tonight I made another copy run of my zine because I was fresh out (or just being fresh. depends on who you ask) and then decided to head up to "The Mall" to go to the pseudo punk store because I had a little money I wanted to spend on fuck-offish items in a futile attempt to make myself feel better. I got the evil Hello Kitty t-shirt especially to wear to my retail job because, well, because. And a skull & crossbones bracelet to wear at my real job because, as a figure of authority, I think I ought to have death pendants.
Anyway, while wandering through the maul I saw flag & war propaganda crap everywhere. Sears had their "army girl" t-shirts and flags on everything. I'm pretty sure the other stores did too, but I steer clear of Abercrombie & Bitch to begin with. It made my skin crawl.
I do not try to veil my beliefs in the media lie of "objectivity."
So, that is my half-baked telling of why I might put up lots of anti-war propaganda. It's to counteract.

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