понедельник, 20 апреля 2009 г.

imagine that I have a heart

Today I was pleasantly surprised to find a letter from Roni (goddess musings) in my post office box. I am not going to disclose the details of it, because some of it was personal, but the sweetness of it got me choked up. It really does mean something to receive both feedback on the zine I do, and to get it in the form of a handwritten note (and inside a pretty dolphin card, at that). These days it seems like nobody wants to make time for anything. The internet is great, in that it allows instant publication and dispersion of ideas, but it also tends to cheapen our lives by creating this norm that if something takes more than 10 seconds, than it is not worthwhile. Last week I had to teach adolescents how to address an envelope. This amazed me, that these kids had no idea that they had to provide certain bits of information, legibly, and in a particular order in a particular spot on an envelope, for it to reach its destination.
So, thanks Roni. You restored my faith in humanity for a few days.

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