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Eating Disorders

During my first year of college, I tried to live on campus for a semester, and somehow ended up on this floor of roughly 15 girls, 5 of which were bulimic, and 1 who recovered from that, only to go on to pills to lose weight. The "recovered" girl would faint about once a week in her dance class, and she also rendered herself sterile from having anorexia-bulimia throughout her teen years.

Eating Disorders
After having to inhale the fumes of 5 bulimic girls in the communal bathroom, I printed out this ad and hung it in a stall:

I'm not saying it was the right thing to do, but it was something for me to do, at any rate. There were actual meetings held for the 2nd floor because the eating disorders were causing such problems, not only for those girls, but for any of their friends who tried to intervene. There was lots of brawling after lunchtime because some girls would try to physically prevent the others from going into the bathroom to puke.

I hated the drama of it, so I went down to the 1st floor (guys) all the time. They only fought over who held the record for jerking off. I fit in quite well down there.

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